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Welcome to NCIS New Orleans Fan the first fan resource for the upcoming NCIS spinoff, NCIS New Orleans, premiering this fall on CBS. Keep checking in for the news, photos and more about this show!

I’ve updated the NCIS New Orleans Fan Gallery with new stills from the season premiere!

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Awesome news Vanessa Marano is set to guest star on an episode of NCIS New Orleans!

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Get to know NCIS: New Orleans’ Zoe McLellan and find out some very interesting things about the new CBS actress. Don’t miss NCIS: New Orleans, premiering September 23rd, 9/8c on CBS.

1. If you could spend the day with any CBS star past or present, who would it be and why?
David Letterman because he has made my belly laugh for years, and I want to hug him.

2. If you could teleport to any time and place in history where would you go?
New York, 1940’s, with Anais Nin.

3. How would you boil down your life philosophy using only a Twitter hashtag?

4. What’s on your music playlist right now?
Florence and the Machine, Vampire Weekend, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Coldplay, Sara Bareilles, Melody Gardot, and I’m on a crazy Katy Perry kick after watching her documentary!

5. What kinds of photos are you a sucker for on Instagram or other photo sharing sites?
Travel pics, especially of the Greek Islands.

6. What’s your “go-to” Karaoke song?
“Time After Time”

7. What character from another CBS show would your character have a crush on?
Brody would crush on Steve McGarrett.

8. What prop would you most want to steal from the set of your show?
There is not a prop I want to steal, but I would like to steal the table in the headquarters kitchen.

9. What was your very first job?
First acting gig was a playing a victim in America’s Most Wanted. The night the show aired, they caught the killer!

10. What famous person, dead or living, would you like the chance to have dinner with?


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The CBS network spinoff series NCIS: New Orleans includes scenes shot at some local venues during its first season.
The tiny village of Bayou Boeuf in Lafourche Parish was the site of a day-long shoot featuring stars Lucas Black and Scott Bakula at and around Zam’s Swamp Tours.
“It was very exciting,” said Diana Tregle, owner of Zam’s. “It was exciting for me and my husband and my son all at the same time. People like shooting here because it is the real thing even though it is a glorified boat shed.”
Her husband, Lloyd Loupe, and son, Zamariah Loupe, also had bit roles in a scene shot in the restaurant, which is part of the tour’s complex.


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