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In many ways, “NCIS: New Orleans” will look just like “NCIS,” retaining the mothership show’s trademark brisk storytelling pace and commercial-break freeze-frames, for example.

“In that regard, it will be familiar,” Glasberg said. “But from that point on, everything else will have its own flavor and texture and style.

“Believe me, the intent is still to take advantage of the fantastic backdrop. Not only take advantage of iconic landmarks, which we did in those two episodes, which was unusual, but also to expand and really get to see the city in ways that people haven’t seen yet.”

And, of course, see more of the main characters, who had to share the screen in the preview episodes with stalwart “NCIS” characters played by Mark Harmon (also an executive producer of the spinoff), Pauley Perrette, David McCallum and others.

CBS’ extensive audience-testing of the episodes revealed that “people really wanted to see more of this team,” Glasberg said. “This group felt organic to the show, and these were characters that people wanted to spend time with.

“The network does a lot of testing, and part of the reason that we’re on the air is that we were fortunate enough to test well.”

The ultimate audience tests, of course, were the preview episodes themselves, which were watched by 17 million or so viewers on the nights they aired, more via digital replay. CBS gave the spinoff the best lead-in on TV, directly following each weekly “NCIS” episode.

The process of giving the new show’s characters cases to solve and interplay with each other is what’s underway in the “NCIS: New Orleans” writers room. A conference-room space decorated with wipe boards filled with story points and characters arcs, the room was filled with writers who’d only recently been drafted onto the “NCIS” team.


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New photos added to the NCIS New Orleans Fan gallery with the first cast photos!

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8 pm NCIS (Season 12)
9 pm NCIS: NEW ORLEANS (new)
10 pm Person of Interest (Season 4)

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Producers of the new television show have not yet sought approval for the tax credits, which can total 30 percent of in-state expenditures and 5 percent of the wages of in-state workers. Laurence Franks, who signed Danni Productions’ application for the pilots’ tax credits, is vice president for production finance at CBS Television Studios in Studio City, California.

Now, the network plans to film its new series on location, in and around New Orleans.

“I’m thrilled from a business standpoint that the tax credit exists,” said Gary Glasberg, creator and executive producer of “NCIS: New Orleans.” But Glasberg said he was more excited about the prospect of filming in and around the city.

“I can’t replicate New Orleans and do it as well as I want,” Glasberg explained. “It’s such a unique part of the world that I feel very fortunate that we can film this there. Everything will be done in Louisiana.”


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