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Scott Bakula on how he fell in love with New Orleans

Scott Bakula wasn’t in love with New Orleans the first time he visited the city in 2013 to shoot the film “Elsa & Fred.”

“It was right before the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras, and it was an odd time to be here,” he tells CBS News. “I was here in the winter. I just thought, ‘Maybe I’ll be back,’ but I wasn’t thinking, ‘Wow, I really get New Orleans.'”

Now, though, as the star of “NCIS: New Orleans,” it’s safe to say Bakula “gets” the city now that he lives there five days a week.

“I have a much more personal relationship with the city now,” he explains. “I understand it so much more than I did before.”

Bakula says he knows now why many New Orleans natives were so unwilling to leave their city after Katrina.

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